Adedeji Adebayo

Paramedic, Chief Supervisor
Mohawk Ambulance Service
Schenectady, NY

Paramedic Chief Supervisor Adedeji Adebayo’s journey with Mohawk Ambulance is a testament to his dedication and hard work. Born and raised in The Bronx, New York, Adedeji began his mobile healthcare journey during high school, successfully completing the EMT course with FDNY EMS in 2010. Following high school, his thirst for knowledge took him further north to college in upstate New York.

Joining Mohawk Ambulance in 2012, Adedeji has, over the last 11 years, made significant contributions to the team. His journey from an EMT supervisor to his current role as Chief Supervisor Paramedic reflects his commitment and the valuable skills he’s acquired along the way. While his sporting interests spanned from baseball in middle school and high school to weekend paintball sessions, his devotion to his profession took precedence due to his increasing responsibilities.

Influenced by a teacher’s encouragement to persevere during challenging times, Adedeji has remained motivated, aiming to make a positive impact in the communities Mohawk Ambulance serves. His commitment goes beyond patient care. As Chief Supervisor, Adedeji takes immense pride in his station and team. He consistently looks out for every member, ensuring their well-being throughout the company.

Additionally, Adedeji’s expertise as an Emergent Vent Medic showcases his depth of knowledge in the field. He is a mentor and a beacon for Paramedic students, preparing them to be self-sufficient and competent medics. With his guidance and leadership, Mohawk Ambulance remains confident in its ability to deliver exceptional care to the community.

Adedeji has worked his way up the ranks to Chief Supervisor who takes pride in his station and his employees. Not only does he provide excellent patient care, he also looks our for every employee, not only in his station but throughout the company. Adedeji is an Emergent Vent Medic as well as a mentor and role model for Paramedic students. He also prepares our new medics to be strong independent Paramedics on their own.

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