Alison Hoffner

Hunter's Ambulance
Meriden, CT

From the moment Alison Hoffner joined the Hunter’s Ambulance team in May 2010, fresh out of Paramedic school, she has been nothing short of exceptional. Bringing with her over a decade of experience as a healthcare tech, Alison seamlessly transitioned her experience and knowledge into her role within the Hartford HealthCare EMS Network.

Alison leads by example. She lends her time and expertise to observing EMT students, enriching their learning experiences. Her dedication to patient care and commitment to excellence are frequently acknowledged.

Alison is a regular recipient of commendations, not just from the patients she cares for but also from their families and the staff of the facilities we work with.

Hunter’s Ambulance proudly honors Alison Hoffner’s service, skill, and expertise and recognizes her as a 2023 Star of Life.

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