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Austin Baffa

Austin Baffa

Emergency Medical Technician

Falck Mobile Health Corp
Orange County, CA

EMT Austin Baffa is being honored as a Star of Life for saving a patient in cardiac arrest.

He recounts, “My partner and I were dispatched to a Code 3 unconscious patient at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym in Irvine, California. We were down the street and were upgraded to a full arrest and were notified by fire that they would be delayed. Prior to the call, we were practicing a ‘first on-scene’ full-arrest scenario and the call dropped as we finished our practice scenario. Upon arrival, we were flagged down by bystanders. My partner ran upstairs to begin her assessment while I grabbed the trauma and AED bag. Upon patient contact, we determined that they were pulseless, apneic with cyanosis and death rattles. My partner began CPR while I set up the AED. After a few minutes of high-quality CPR, we were able to get a shockable rhythm on the patient, ultimately achieving ROSC. The patient then began to throw up, at which point we cleared their airway and stabilized them. It was at this point that the fire department arrived to assist. By the time we loaded up the patient, they were fully oriented and in good spirits. It was later discovered that the patient sustained no brain damage and is making a full recovery.”

As luck would have it, before working as partners on the ambulance, Austin and his partner and fellow Star of Life, Becca, went to school together. During training, they spent time practicing just such skills and scenarios prior to their time working together at FALCK.

Austin spends his free time surfing, hiking, and going to the gym. He is active in his community and prioritizes his mental, physical, and emotional health. He is currently working toward a career as a Firefighter/Paramedic.