Barbara Davis

Operations Supervisor
LifeNet, Inc. - Arkansas Division
Malvern, AR

Barbara has served in EMS for more than 25 years, so she is no stranger to this fast-paced world. She has worked for many different EMS organizations over the years ranging from for-profit, to hospital-based, to non-profit, but nothing quite fit like LifeNet.

Growing up, Barbara always knew that she wanted to work in the healthcare field. After starting as an EMT and then progressing to the Paramedic level, 25 years later she is loving her role in Malvern, Arkansas as an Operations Supervisor. Her wide range of experience from busy metropolitan systems to smaller more rural systems aids in her expertise when caring for her community.

Sadly, Barbara’s life has not been without personal tragedy. Her son was killed in a car accident in the service area in which she was working at the time. After taking a few months off, she decided that her son would not have wanted her to quit EMS as he was always very proud of the work she did for her community. Because of that loss, Barbara began looking for a company that provided the family atmosphere and culture that she so longed for. She found it at LifeNet.

Through the loss of her son, Barbara has been able to empathize with and understand more of what families go through when a loved one passes away. Her perspective on her job has grown, and she appreciates even more the precious nature of life. Each day, she fulfills her duties with dignity and grace in honor of her son and her patients.

Barbara takes care of her coworkers like they are her family. She says, “My door is always open. I want every crew member to know if they need me, I’m there.” She is known for baking for her crew members and making them feel valued whether on or off-shift. Her loving and comforting spirit is one of the many qualities that her crew members appreciate about Barbara.

Barbara is a model Star of Life as she is someone who loves what they do and goes beyond what is expected in service to patients and colleagues. LifeNet is proud to have Barbara Davis represent Arkansas and LifeNet as a 2023 Star.

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