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Bill Weber

Bill Weber

Paramedic & Field Training Officer

American Medical Response
Lake Havasu City, AZ

On an evening in late November 2022, Bill Weber and his partner made a discovery that would eventually result in Bill rescuing multiple people from a fire.

It happened when the two EMS professionals were returning from a long-distance transfer. That is when they noticed a strong orange glow around the community of Desert Hills. When the two went to investigate, they realized they were the first ones on-scene of a multiple-vehicle fire that was adjacent to a mobile home park, which was also beginning to catch on fire.

As Bill, a former firefighter, exited the ambulance, several people stated there were occupants in the mobile home who were trapped. Knowing he had little time to act, Bill entered and found multiple occupants still inside. He directed everyone to exit the structure, but two elderly residents were unable to move quickly enough to escape in time. Bill then took the first patient in a firefighter’s carry and moved them out to the street. He then reentered and did the same with the second patient.

Bill’s swift actions ensured all four occupants were out of the structure and unharmed. He then assumed medical command and coordinated with the incoming ambulances to provide care.