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Bobbi Tremblay

Bobbi Tremblay

Emergency Medical Dispatcher

Armstrong Ambulance Service
Arlington, MA

Bobbi Tremblay began her EMS career in April of 1997 as an EMT at Armstrong Ambulance Service in Arlington, MA. She quickly rose through the ranks to become a base supervisor in Peabody, MA and then later in Wilmington, MA. Bobbi was an excellent EMT for many years, but a shoulder injury began a new journey for her. After surgery to address her issue, Bobbi joined the Communications Department in 2006 as a Call Taker and quickly became an Emergency Medical Dispatcher.

Since joining the Communications Department 17 years ago, Bobbi has been a cornerstone of Armstrong’s dispatch operations. Bobbi has done, and will do, anything asked for the betterment of the team, including picking up shifts, training new staff, and offering suggestions on how to improve processes and the room as a whole. Throughout Armstrong Ambulance, Bobbi is known for her skill and empathy by callers and colleagues alike. Whether it’s her fellow Dispatchers, crews out on the road, or anyone who calls into her line, Bobbi treats everyone with respect, patience, and genuine kindness.

Bobbi has thoroughly enjoyed every role she has held in EMS, but she admits to enjoying EMD the most. Says Bobbi, “When Armstrong started emergency medical dispatching for multiple towns, it quickly became my favorite position. In my time here, I have assisted in delivering a baby and giving CPR instructions multiple times. My most satisfying call was for a facial laceration where I recognized the situation as being an assault. I was able to obtain identifying information as well as the location of the incident to update police prior to their arrival.” Clearly, Bobbi’s natural compassion helps her excel at her job.

In her free time, Bobbi loves to spend time with her grandkids and her dogs, Marley and Koda. Bobbi also has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and gardening when she is not busy helping others!