Brandon Trauba

Operations Manager
Lakes Region EMS
North Branch, MN

Brandon Trauba has been an incredible asset to Lakes Region EMS over the course of his career. Starting as an EMT in 2014, Brandon quickly progressed to Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic, Supervisor, then on to Operations Manager today. Brandon continues to be an exemplary leader in his newest role; he asks difficult questions and is thoughtful but firm in how he deals with challenges. He shows great ownership and engagement in the organization and has a good practice of looking at things through both a leadership lens as well the lens of a field provider.

In his role as an Operations Manager, Brandon is the driving force behind many improvements within the organization. He leads the Field Training Officers group, mentoring new and experienced employees. He also guides new staff through orientation, readying them to serve the community on their own. Brandon also spearheaded the rollout of an entirely new narcotics process. He diligently gathered feedback from all staff, worked to understand the process, and then trained the team before launching the module.

In addition to his contributions to the communities of Lakes Region EMS, Brandon has been a member of the United States Reserves for the past 12 years. He has served our country on multiple deployments as a Flight Paramedic.

Outside of work, Brandon enjoys spending his time with his four-year-old daughter and wife, Justine. He also enjoys going to the family cabin in his spare time.

Lakes Region EMS is proud to recognize Brandon Trauba as a 2023 Star of Life.

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