Callie Revels

Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance
La Crosse, WI

Callie Revels began her career at Tri-State Ambulance as an EMT in 2015. She grew into the role of Logistics Technician and became a reliable partner for our Critical Care team. While working full-time, Callie received her Paramedic Technical Diploma and transitioned into a full-time Paramedic position. She quickly became a leader amongst her peers and acquired FTO and Preceptor endorsements at the Paramedic level. Her leadership skills and attitude made her an obvious choice for promotion into a Shift Resource Officer role, which gives her the endorsement of Corporal.

Callie continues to impress with her clinical excellence and bedside manner with unwavering compassion. She brings her personality to work, sharing her creativity and witty humor. Not only does Callie care for her patients, but she also cares for her coworkers, leaders, and the company that she works for. Callie displays a high level of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. Her drive is infectious and inspires those around her to work harder and allows for others to perform at their very best. At Tri-State Ambulance we are so lucky that she chose us, and she is our STAR!

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