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Carol Boies

Carol Boies

Emergency Medical Technician

Falck Northwest
Salem, OR

Carol Boies has proudly served as an EMT at Falck Northwest Ambulance for more than four years. Residing in Salem, Oregon with her family, Carol continues her committed service at Falck Northwest.

In May 2023, Carol and her partner were dispatched to a harrowing scene: a 9-year-old girl, showing signs of abuse, was discovered unconscious, face down in cold bathwater. Upon assessment, the young patient was in a persistent PEA state and her body temperature had dropped significantly. Without hesitation, Carol and her paramedic partner initiated full ACLS and CPR. Despite their intense efforts over 45 minutes, the child’s rhythm remained unchanged. However, they noted a persistent and steady nominal ETCO2 reading. As Carol consistently delivered high-quality CPR, her partner successfully established an airway.

Despite the lack of observable improvement in the patient’s condition, the team made the decisive choice to transport her to the hospital, holding onto the hope that her cold presentation might prove beneficial in a medical setting.

Upon arrival at Salem Hospital, the young girl was immediately placed on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), resulting in the return of her pulses. Her recovery journey continued at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), where she showed remarkable progress. Recently, she was discharged from the hospital, not only capable of speaking and communicating but also actively participating in an ongoing investigation with law enforcement.

The successful recovery of this child stands as a testament to the impeccable CPR skills, judicious decisions, and unyielding persistence displayed by Carol and her partner. Their swift actions not only saved a young life but also paved the way for the wheels of justice to turn. Above all, this young girl has been given a second chance at life, and thanks to the heroism of Carol and her partner, her future looks promising.