Casey Dodson

Emergency Medical Technician
LifeNet, Inc.
Stillwater, OK

Casey Dodson joined LifeNet in April 2011. He was among a group of new employees who helped create an entirely new EMS delivery model for the Stillwater, Oklahoma area and surrounding communities. This new venture was challenging for all involved, and Casey contributed his years of EMS experience and knowledge to our success. He has now served in EMS for seventeen years.

His coworkers know Casey as a senior partner who can handle any scenario or difficult scene. He is frequently paired with new employees during Field Training and employee development processes. A new medic can be comforted knowing that if Casey is his partner the shift will go well.

Casey also likes to have fun at work. He revels in “poking the bear” whenever a manager is around, usually to get a reaction, but often to bring attention to an issue with possible solutions. When he is away from work, Casey enjoys spending time with family and friends. He helps with charitable functions in the community as a member and an officer of the Stillwater Elks’ Lodge.


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