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Chalyssa David

Chalyssa David

Operations Supervisor

Medic Ambulance Service Inc.
Vallejo, CA

Chalyssa David’s journey from the sunny shores of San Diego to the bustling streets of Sacramento is one filled with resilience, determination, and an unwavering commitment to service. Born in San Diego and raised alongside her two sisters by their loving grandparents in Santa Rosa, Chalyssa’s early life was marked by dreams of diverse career paths—ranging from oceanography to child development, and even aspirations of becoming a firefighter.

Though she was part of a pre-college program during her high school years, Chalyssa chose a different path after graduation. Her life took a significant turn at 19 when she learned of her pregnancy, prompting her to relocate to Yuba City. As a mother of two by 2012, she recognized the need for a stable career to support her growing family. Initially drawn to EMT training with aspirations of becoming a firefighter, Chalyssa discovered her true calling on the ambulance. The world of emergency medical services captivated her heart and mind.

Despite her many responsibilities—volunteering at a fire department, clocking in over 50 hours weekly on the ambulance, attending paramedic school, and raising her two children—Chalyssa’s determination never wavered. Today, with almost seven years as a Paramedic under her belt, six of which have been with Medic Ambulance, her dedication to the field continues to grow. In 2018, Chalyssa’s excellence was recognized with a promotion to Paramedic Supervisor. Her recent transfer from our Solano Operations to our Sacramento Division further exemplifies her adaptability and commitment. She views her EMS journey as not only rewarding for herself but as an inspiring example for her now five children in her blended family.

Yet, it’s not just her personal journey that makes Chalyssa stand out. On what appeared to be a routine interfacility transport, Chalyssa faced an unexpected and high-stakes situation. Tasked with caring for a 34-week pregnant female patient, she found herself in the midst of an unplanned delivery in the back of the ambulance. Faced with a baby entangled in its umbilical cord and in distress, Chalyssa’s swift and expert actions ensured the safe delivery and immediate resuscitation of the newborn. Today, both mother and baby are thriving, thanks to Chalyssa’s impeccable skills and presence of mind.

It is acts like these, combined with her dedication and remarkable journey, that make Chalyssa David not just a star in our eyes but a beacon of hope and inspiration. For her relentless dedication, unparalleled skill, and unwavering commitment to those in need, Medic Ambulance is proud to honor Chalyssa David with the Stars of Life award.