Chris Wynn

Community Ambulance
Macon, Georgia

Chris Wynn is known throughout his neighborhood for not only his outgoing nature and optimistic attitude, but also his dedication to his patients. His effervescent personality makes Chris immediately likeable and easy to talk to. Even in the most
difficult situations, Chris has the innate ability to put those around him at ease and bring comfort to his patients. 

Operations Manager Ann Rice describes Chris as a knowledgeable and capable paramedic who demonstrates both skill and empathy in the field. She says, “Chris treats every patient as if they were a member of his own family. His concern for them is genuine and sincere. He often follows up with his patients and checks on them. Chris is kind and patient with people and takes the time to truly listen to the patient’s needs.”

Chris plays an invaluable role at Community Ambulance. He serves as a preceptor for local EMS students, as well as for new Community Ambulance associates. Chris readily takes those new to the industry under his wing in order to help them become the best EMS professionals they can be. 

In addition to his role as a full time Paramedic, Chris also serves as a volunteer firefighter for the city of Climax. Chris demonstrates incredible dedication to serving others and continually seeks opportunities to enhance his clinical skills. Caring, compassionate and capable, Paramedic Chris Wynn defines what it means to be a “star” in EMS.

Chris and his wife, Dana, have two daughters, Miranda and Marisa. The Wynn family lives in Climax, GA.

2016 | Community Ambulance | GA

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