Christina Curtiss

Advanced EMT
Las Vegas, Nevada

The first thing many people notice about Christina is her enthusiasm and “can do” attitude. This wonderful approach makes her a pleasure to work with and a comfort to her patients in the nearly 14 years she has been with MedicWest.

On December 20, 2015, Christina was working at an event at a hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard when a woman in a car began running over pedestrians in front of the hotel. The hotel personnel notified Christina who rushed to the scene and began providing medical care to the injured. Because of conflicting reports of “shots fired,” all responding EMS personnel were staged waiting for an all clear from law enforcement. Christina single-handedly provided triage and treatment to all patients for 15 minutes until the all clear was given. More than 30 patients received care from Christina and were quickly transported because of her actions.

Her actions, positive attitude and infectious smile are an inspiration to all.

2016 | American Medical Response (AMR) | NV