Christopher Alleman

Operations Manager
Arizona Ambulance Transport
Sierra Vista, AZ

Christopher Alleman has led Arizona Ambulance Transport through changes and challenges since 2011. Christopher is highly respected both within our organization and in the larger EMS community. Christopher spent more than 30 years in EMS in the Seattle area, and has broad experience ranging from founding and owning his own service to serving as lead operations supervisor for AMR Seattle. In his spare time, Christopher serves as Fire Chief of the Tombstone Volunteer Fire Department, protecting “the town too tough to die.”

Christopher’s steady hand on the tiller has navigated Arizona Ambulance through turbulent times over the past eight years. Christopher spearheaded the development of our robust training operation, and he sets the professional, compassionate tone of the mobile healthcare we provide our patients. Christopher has built a culture within the organization that has driven increased recruitment and retention of our staff. Christopher Alleman epitomizes the character and experience of a true EMS leader, and Arizona Ambulance Transport is proud to call him our Star of Life.

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