Christopher Crowell

EMT & Field Supervisor
Cataldo Ambulance Service
Somerville, MA

Christopher “Chris” Crowell initially enrolled in an EMT course in college for academic credit and to gain patient contact hours. Soon after, he joined the Atlantic division of Cataldo Ambulance Service, the contracted ambulance provider in his hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts. Chris fell in love with EMS immediately, and notes that “when it’s rewarding, it is extremely rewarding.”

Chris has an innate talent for establishing trust with patients with whom it might be more difficult to build rapport. As a BLS Clinical Field Supervisor, he applies these same skills to effectively manage team members in the field. He leads colleagues with the same empathy and understanding he learned by managing complex patient situations.

Cataldo team members rely on Chris to handle any situation that is thrown at him in a way that is consistent, fair, and reliable. His friendly and outgoing nature helps all team members feel welcomed and supported as he assists them in diffusing difficult situations while ensuring that patient care is never compromised. “Knowing that people rely on me and have confidence in me is what keeps me coming back to work every day,” Chris adds.

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