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Christopher Paul

Christopher Paul

Paramedic II

Emergent Health Partners
Ann Arbor, MI

Chris has served his community on the Huron Valley Ambulance team since 2016. Chris is considered to be a “unicorn” in EMS as he thrives as a Paramedic in an emergency setting, as well as when acting as a Community Paramedic or Critical Care Paramedic. In a single shift, he may be resuscitating a cardiac arrest, transferring a critically ill patient to a tertiary care center, then providing in-home care to a chronically ill individual.

In addition to his clinical skills, Chris is known for his kind and compassionate personality, which has earned him a reputation among patients and coworkers alike. He consistently goes above and beyond for his patients. Whether it’s a witty joke to lighten the mood or taking the time to educate patients about their conditions, Chris always works in his patients’ best interest. Chris is also known amongst his coworkers as someone who cares about teaching everyone he works with the tangible skills necessary to become a good medic. 

His colleagues note that Chris is very knowledgeable and is the best example of what a Paramedic should be.

We are fortunate to have Chris on our team, as he is an excellent example of how to serve as a patient-centered paramedic. Thank you for all you do, Chris; we’re proud to recognize you as a Star of Life!