Cierra Nixon

Critical Care Paramedic
Acadian Ambulance
Orange County, TX

Cierra joined Acadian Ambulance in February 2016 as an EMT. She attained her Paramedic certification in 2018 through the National EMS Academy, a sister company of Acadian Ambulance.

Cierra is a native of Bridge City, Texas, and currently serves the Orange County, Texas region. She is very reliable, professional in appearance and demeanor, and is just an all-around good representative of Acadian Ambulance.

Cierra’s passion for EMS and patient care is easy to spot. She is on a constant quest to broaden her knowledge. Most recently, she earned her CCT certification to better serve her patients and give them the best care possible.

Cierra strives every day to figure out what she can do better to be better for her patients and for herself. Her patient advocacy and hard work inspire others. No matter how difficult a situation can be sometimes, she always does what is right. Cierra also assists her coworkers in any way she can.  Some of her coworkers even describe her as a walking protocol book.

Cierra’s genuine and optimistic demeanor was noted by many of the selection committee members. She engaged each of the panel members and displayed confidence and knowledge.

Cierra says, “It’s important to put yourself out there and treat everyone you meet like family. It is not just the treatments we perform that make them feel better, it’s the whole encounter.”

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