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Cody Nash

Cody Nash

Operations Manager & Clinical Services Training Coordinator

Pafford Medical Services, Inc.
Johnson County, AR

Cody Nash, NREMT-P, leads as Operations Manager for Pafford Medical Services of Johnson County, Arkansas. Nash oversees the day-to-day operations and his staff while also serving in his role across Pafford’s service areas as a Clinical Services Training Coordinator. Additionally, Cody utilizes his clinical skills as a Flight Certified Paramedic with Pafford Air Med.

12 years ago, Nash began his EMS career as an EMT and advanced to the Paramedic level within four years. His colleagues and patients have praised him for his calm demeanor, quick thinking, and unwavering dedication to his work. When asked what intrigued him about the EMS industry, he responded that it was the ability to combine clinical decision-making skills with hands-on operational skills to serve communities in their time of need and benefit the greater good.

Nash is known among his peers as an “all-in” team player for Pafford Medical Services, driving change no matter if he was serving as a Field Training Officer or a manager; he truly leads by example. Often, he can be found mentoring young medics and providing clinical insight and encouragement as they are on their journey to becoming a highly-skilled and compassionate EMS provider.

Clinically, the care he provides is second to none, as he exhibits an unwavering commitment toward growth and excellence to his patients, community, and colleagues. As a reflection of his exceptional skills and expertise, other leaders within the Pafford Organization have taken notice of Nash’s talents, among which his patient care, customer service, and affective skills are in a class of their own. He is a true asset to his community, and his dedication to his work has made a lasting impact on the lives of countless people in need.

When off the clock, you will find Cody enjoying time spent with his family, being part of his kids’ extracurricular activities, practicing Jiu Jitsu and archery, and spending time in the kitchen cooking.

Nash would like to thank his teammates in the field. He shared, “As a Paramedic, I am one small part of a large network of first responders and hospital staff who all work together for the greater good of our community, and I would like to dedicate this award to those unsung heroes.”