Cyndy Cain

Cyndy Cain is Umpqua Valley Ambulance’s first EMT nomination for the Star of Life. She is a shining example of Servant Leadership and we are lucky to have her. There is no one here more dedicated to the care and service of others. Whether it is taking care of patients, family, or other crew members; she always puts others first. With a smile on her face, she brightens the room. Her cheery disposition and baked goods, which she brings in for all the employees, uplift our hearts and feed our souls. Not only does she maintain her infectious sunny disposition every day, but she will call you out when you are wrong and always stands up for anyone who needs a hand. We are lucky to have such a shining star as Cyndy, which is why we think she is the perfect person to represent our EMTs at the Star of Life this year.

These were the words that represented Cynthia Cain for the 2019 Star of Life, she was one of two of our employees nominated. Due to COVID the Star of Life was postponed. In the following months Cyndy was diagnosed as terminal. Cyndy never stopped being our shining example and could not do anything but put others first. When the AAA and our company’s Owner heard that Cyndy would not be able to make it to a future Star of Life, they got together and came to Umpqua Valley Ambulance to present Cyndy with the Star of Life. Cyndy had shared with me through tears of joy that she had never felt so honored, but even then, she did not recognize that she earned this honor through her daily commitment to others. She stayed working at Umpqua Valley Ambulance until the pain would not let her continue. She told me she saw our company as extended family and there was no where she felt more at home and nothing she liked more than helping people in their time of need. She often still stopped by just to see how we were doing and to bring in baked goods, which she would continue to do for as long as she was able. She worked diligently to make sure her Mother, Sister, and Nephew were taken care of when she was gone. Even while she was transitioning into the last days of her life she worried about their futures and put them first. She not only showed us how to live each day with happiness and love in your heart, she also showed us all how to leave this world a better place. She made our world a better place every day and set an example for all of us to follow. To honor Cyndy and all those like her in the world we need to keep a cheery disposition in our hearts and as Roy Bennett best put it “Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.” Thank you Cyndy for all that you have done for us.  

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