Dale Montgomery

AMR - Oregon
Portland, OR

With more than 10 years in emergency medical services, Dale has evolved into one of Clackamas County’s most valued and dedicated paramedics. His drive to keep his clinical skills at peak performance and his deep knowledge as a paramedic were especially apparent during an off-duty cardiac arrest save at a local soccer field. After finishing the first half of an adult league soccer game, Dale heard yelling from the opposite side of the field and quickly realized that someone needed medical help. Dale found the patient with agonal respirations and no pulse. With the help of a physician on the scene, Dale coordinated efforts to maintain quality CPR and ventilation while a bystander ran to a nearby school for an AED. Dale attached the AED and administered a single shock which returned spontaneous circulation and lead to the patient regaining consciousness. The patient was transported to the hospital and later discharged.The cooperation from both medical and non-medical bystanders during this event has lead Dale to spearhead various initiatives in the Clackamas County area to encourage early intervention, including the training of local soccer coaches and players in CPR and AED use. Dale has been the recipient of both the Clackamas Fire District Board of Directors’ Community Life Saving Award and the State of Oregon’s EMS Life Saving Medal. His off-duty efforts to train others to save lives and his unwavering commitment to the community he serves make Dale a genuine Star of Life.”

2014 | American Medical Response (AMR) | OR