Damian Gonzales

Clinical Services Coordinator
Sunstar Paramedics
Largo, FL

Damian’s ability to influence, innovate, engage, develop, and lead the crews who have direct patient contact makes a tremendous difference in the lives of those patients and the community that Sunstar serves.

As a clinical services coordinator, Damian’s areas of responsibility include managing our field training officer (FTO) program, clinical data analysis, and clinical education for the new EMTs and Paramedics working with Sunstar.

When Damian was promoted from a field clinician to a coordinator, he immediately became interested in data-driven improvement. While he excels in analyzing and adjusting work procedures for maximum efficiency, he also understands that appropriate change comes from meaningful reflection. Damian has been able to quantify, communicate, and elevate the quality of our patient satisfaction and engagement, clinical measures such as scene times, and many other crew-centered measures.

A primary example of Damian’s leadership that’s had immediate impact on the EMS culture is the FTO report card. This is a report of clinician-centered data and feedback that is specific to each FTO, preceptor, assistant supervisor, and mentor within the program. The information is sent back to the crews, helping to show them a clearer path for improvement and a higher quality of care.

The personalized feedback includes their safety measures on driving, clinical documentation scores, QI/operational standings, accolades, and patient engagement scores. This data-centered feedback allows the crews to see where they rank among their peers and gives them a more direct personal connection to Sunstar and its mission in the community.

The FTO report card is just one of the many initiatives that Damian has brought to the forefront. His data-analysis system supports the company’s crews and helps us strive for the everyday excellence at the core of our mission.


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