Dani Balk

Field Training Officer
Paramount Ambulance
Dubuque, IA

Dani has been in EMS for sixteen years. She obtained her EMT in 2006, became a Paramedic in 2009, and received her Critical Care endorsement in 2010. 

Dani is one of Paramount’s more seasoned employees and offers a plethora of knowledge and experience to the team of EMS providers she works alongside. Recently, Dani has moved into a new role as a Field Training Officer to help train new EMT’s and Paramedics for fieldwork. She works closely with the program coordinator to offer advice and new and innovative ideas to keep training current, effective, and efficient. Dani is also an excellent team player and is always jumping at opportunities to help with employee training. She has truly found her niche in EMS through training; her passion for EMS was reawakened when she became an FTO and her work is greatly appreciated.

Dani’s interest in EMS began as a small child with a strong desire to follow in her dad’s footsteps to become a Firefighter. She spends most of her time off raising her two amazing children, Beau, age nine, and Quinn, age four. When she is not chasing her kids all over, she enjoys reading and riding her motorcycle. 




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