Daniel Lee

Flight Nurse
Klamath Falls, OR

Daniel Lee distinguished himself through courage and skill by going beyond the call of duty to rescue his fellow crew members after the unthinkable happened.

On an afternoon in May 2022, Lee picked up a shift on an AL3 Klamath helicopter to help out his team and keep the aircraft in service. He, along with a newly hired registered nurse, a respiratory therapist, and the pilot had completed one call. While sitting on the helipad, the team was dispatched to another hospital. Arriving at the scene, the aircraft lost stability and crashed.

Lee reacted quickly and pulled all remaining crew members from the damaged aircraft. He triaged his peers based on acuity, started IVs on everyone, and gave medications as appropriate. He continued to care for and advocate for his team, even though he was also injured. He made sure everyone had help and insisted on staying with the newest team member to make her feel safe.

His quick thinking and expertise saved lives that day.

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