Daniel Neczek

Operations Supervisor
MedEx Ambulance
Skokie, IL

Danny Neczek is a skilled EMT and 20-year veteran at MedEx Ambulance. Danny functions as an Operations Supervisor, and will soon complete his training as an ambulance mechanic as well.

On the evening of March 6th, while supervising MedEx’s South Base, Danny suffered full cardiac arrest. Ironically, the team was celebrating National Employee Appreciation Day with pizza.

Fortunately, Danny was surrounded by five EMTs and three Paramedics. The MedEx team immediately reacted and began resuscitative measures on Danny. Danny was down for 22 minutes when the team finally got a pulse back. Danny was rushed by a MedEx crew to the University of Illinois Hospital, where he was placed in a hypothermic coma. Miraculously, 10 days later, Danny was discharged from the hospital with NO lasting effects from the incident.

Today Danny has returned to full active duty, and serves as a walking and talking reminder of the importance of what EMS does each and every day.

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