Darla Biggerstaff

Waco, TX

Darla Biggerstaff’s unique ability to handle stressful situations with ease and expert execution has garnered her a reputation for outstanding commitment to service. Darla has two simple rules: “No one dies, no one multiplies,” (a reference to patient and crew safety and how her crew will not become additional patients on her watch) and “No one is allowed to panic unless she does.” As a result, she has managed to win the confidence of her fellow EMS professionals.

Additionally, Darla is a sought-after instructor who is popular among fellow employees and students alike. Her students describe her teaching style as patient, thorough, and straightforward, and her gift of translating book knowledge into practical and real-life scenarios has been praised by many. Darla’s passion for the EMS profession is evident in every aspect of her service, whether it is in the way she invests herself in her students or in her intense and detailed care for patients.

Darla is also a morale booster, who, whether she is on or off-duty, genuinely cares for people. As a result, she is one of the most likable individuals among her teammates. Darla is respected not only by her leaders and peers but also by her patients and students.


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