David Bingham

Assistant District Chief
Tulsa, OK

Fulfillment is found in many ways; and for EMSA Paramedic David Bingham it centers around one thing – helping others. Whether making a patient smile, mentoring students and new recruits, or taking care of critically sick and injured patients, David enjoys seeing the difference he can make.

David relentlessly checks up on his fellow team members. He is cognizant of the fact that this job takes a toll no matter how much experience you have, and is transparent about struggles. David checks in on other team members after difficult calls, long weeks, or busy nights. Despite how fatigued he may be, David always puts others above himself.

David joined the EMSA team in 2018 and has thrived in a busy system, rising through the ranks to the positions of Field Training Officer and Assistant District Chief. David maintains the REMSS trailer which is deployed for large events in EMSA’s Western Division, including the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. He says, “There is so much to do at EMSA – your opportunities are abundant as long as you are willing to chase them.”

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