Don Speicher

EMT Advanced
Pawnee Ambulance
Pawnee, OK

Upon moving to Pawnee, Oklahoma from Pittsburg in 1977, Don asked his wife, “What can I do here”? Little did he know the path that his life was to take over the next 50 years, nor the impact he would have on countless lives.

Don started out as a rookie carpenter and concrete man, later becoming part owner of the local lumber and hardware store. He accomplished this while raising a family, serving on the local school board, and volunteering for 22 years as a firefighter.

Additionally, Don has dedicated 40-plus years to his community as an EMT, first as a Basic then progressing in 1985 to the Intermediate level. Today, he continues to serve as the training officer, keeping the department up-to-date on certifications and new techniques. Recently Don received a federal grant to teach, retain, and equip more EMTs in the rural area.

Don is always willing to teach if one is willing to learn. He always looks to give a hand up, not a handout.

Oh, the stories he could tell about the changes he has seen over the past 40 years in rural emergency medicine. Our department and the community are grateful for his service and contributions. Pawnee Ambulance Service is honored to name Mr. Don Speicher as a Star of Life.

Don Speicher represents the state of Oklahoma as a 2023 Oklahoma Ambulance Association Star of Life.

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