Don Thomas

Operations Supervisor
Medix Ambulance Service Inc.
Warrenton, OR

Don started his EMS career over 37 years ago as an EMT/Firefighter in Astoria, Oregon. While he enjoyed being a firefighter, he fell in love with the EMS side of the job.

As such, 19 years ago, Don came to Medix Ambulance as a Paramedic Supervisor. Three years ago, Don progressed to overseeing the operations in our newest division in Longview, Washington.

Don’s dedication to his job, the company, and the care of our patients has been a huge part of Medix’s continued success.

Don has been married to his high school sweetheart for 35 years. Together they share three beloved children. The couple adores doting on their four grandchildren.

Medix is proud to call Don Thomas a 2023 Star of Life.

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