Dustin Hawley

Critical Care Paramedic & Critical Care Education Coordinator
Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service of Michigan, Inc.
Elmhurst, IL

In 2005, Dustin Hawley moved from his small hometown in Vassar, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois and took an EMT class. From that moment forward, Dustin knew that mobile healthcare was his calling.

Dustin began his EMS career at Superior Ambulance Service in 2006. In 2008, Dustin completed Paramedic training at Malcolm X College and his Paramedic field internship with the Chicago Fire Department EMS division. From this experience, Dustin went on to provide EMS with Superior throughout Chicago, including at major sporting venues and the Chicago Marathon. During this time, Dustin also began mentoring Paramedic students.

In 2010, Dustin took the next step in his career by completing the UMBC CCEMTP program. Dustin went on to work on a CCT Medic/RN team, providing Critical Care Transport to the Greater Chicago area.

Beginning in 2014, Dustin relocated back to Michigan, with his wife and young son, to assume the role of Critical Care Coordinator for Superior Air-Ground Ambulance of Michigan. In this role, Dustin leads the Critical Care team, provides clinical insight to operations management, teaches continuing education, and assists operations as a provider when needed. Dustin also conducts new hire orientation for all new employees of Superior. In 2018, Dustin achieved licensure as an EMS Instructor/Coordinator (Paramedic Level) in the state of Michigan.

Since joining Superior of Michigan, Dustin has improved staffing for Critical Care Transport, designed and implemented a field-training program, and conducted hundreds of continuing education and certification courses. Dustin currently serves as the Chairman of Superior of Michigan’s Professional Standards Review Committee. This important committee provides general oversight and analysis of the clinical performance of all EMS providers and aims to achieve clinical excellence for all staff through performance improvement initiatives. This committee has reviewed thousands of EMS runs, given out countless Clinical Excellence awards, determines and monitors clinical indicators, issues EMS advisories for staff, and reviews clinical incidents. Dustin is passionately dedicated to these efforts with the intent to ensure that our patients receive the very best care.

Dustin has recently become involved with Michigan’s committee on developing Critical Care standards for the state. In this role, Dustin provides valuable insight regarding Critical Care that will one day guide the team to a true Critical Care EMS standard for all providers and programs in Michigan.

Dustin’s EMS vision is to develop the very best EMS providers, conduct the best training, and ensure the best equipment is available to respond to every situation. Dustin desires to see all EMS providers uphold the highest integrity for their patients and to their profession.

Because of his leadership, dedication and knowledge, Dustin is highly respected by his colleagues and providers. Dustin’s admirable personal character and professional integrity serves as an example for everyone in the EMS industry.

Dustin and his wife, Sarah spend most of their free time raising Liam, who is a 7-year-old ball of energy. From Tae Kwon Do to swimming to Cub Scouts, Liam keeps them on their toes. When he does get a free minute, Dustin enjoys woodworking, camping, and spending time with family throughout Michigan.

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