Edwin Jacobs

Atchison-Holt Ambulance
Mound City, MO

Edwin “Ed” Williams Jacobs started as an EMT in 1989 at Grand River Ambulance District in Albany MO. He advanced to Paramedic in 1993 with Grand River Ambulance District where he rose to the position Crew Chief. Ed joined Atchison-Holt Ambulance District in 2002 where he served as a Paramedic until leukemia forced him to take medical leave from the job he loved. Ed was optimistic about his recovery and in December, 2013 he requested that his position not be filled, he was going to return to work. Ed dedicated his life to helping people. He was not only a skilled paramedic, but had a way of making people feel better by just being with them. Ed volunteered with the Disaster Services through the Red Cross as a Paramedic. He served in several disasters including, The World Trade Center, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Ike. He was always ready to give and offer encouragement to folks in their time of need. Ed’s second love was farming. He was a cattle farmer that raised horses, corn and soy beans. EMS allowed him to take care of the sick and injured then take care of his farm on his days off. Ed was also an accomplished musician. He played country music in a number of bands. Ed considered music a tool for helping the sick. He would routinely play at the Hope Lodge where he stayed while being treated for cancer. Ed was a provider of hope to others right up to the point of his passing. Edwin Williams Jacobs passed away on January 11, 2014. He is survived by his 3 children, Ed Jacobs, Julie Cassavaugh, and Wyatt Jacobs, one brother, John Jacobs, and six grandchildren.”

2014 | MO