Eric Dunaway

Mid-Valley Ambulance
Hillsboro, OR

Paramedic Eric Dunaway has served in EMS since 1985. He began as an EMT and then obtained his Paramedic certification in 2002. Caring for his community has been Eric’s passion and fascination since he was a young boy. Eric has spent his career working in 911 services and has served as a Critical Care Paramedic in the past.

His supervisor, peers, and dispatchers all identify him as a spirited, intellectual individual who routinely goes above and beyond to provide excellent care and comfort to his patients. For example, Eric has often purchased furnishings or other extra items for his patients in order to make them comfortable upon their return home after a medical event. Eric’s personal quote is, “Choices are Power.”

In addition to his career as a Paramedic, Eric discovered a passion for BMX riding and spends his off time doing downhill dirt jumping. He also found that the sport crosses generations and has found a niche in mentoring the younger enthusiasts of the sport, helping to teach them not just BMX riding but also valuable life lessons. Eric’s other community outreach effort includes teaching and preaching helmet safety, and he is looking towards providing service to Meals on Wheels.

The accomplishment that Eric is most proud of is raising his daughter as a single parent, willing to sacrifice everything to ensure she grows up happy and healthy. Eric is now the proud grandpa to two beautiful grandbabies, a 6-year-old grandson and a 2.5-year-old granddaughter.

Mid-Valley Ambulance is proud to nominate Paramedic Eric Dunaway as a 2022 Star of Life.

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