Erin Dolan

Dispatcher II
Huron Valley Ambulance, Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI

Erin Dolan is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician and Senior Dispatcher in Emergent Health Partners’ Communications Center. Hired in 2002, he spent his first two years working as an EMT for HuronValley Ambulance. In 2004, he transferred into the Center. Erin started in the Communications Center scheduling and dispatching nonemergency wheelchair vans and senior buses. Looking for more challenges, Erin sought the education and experience to move into the 9-1-1 area of the Center. During the training program, Erin learned all of the numerous positions in the Center.”He is a very respected and trusted senior dispatcher, an excellent role model with a strong work ethic,” states Kevin Irwin, Manager, Emergent Communications. “He provides excellent assistance to both his colleagues and the customers who call for service.” During Emergent Communications’ special event season, University of Michigan Football and Michigan International Speedway present dispatch challenges different from everyday activity in the Center. Erin adapted to the unique demands required to dispatch successfully from the Center for these events. During the past U-M football season, Erin was instrumental in providing great direction and dispatching during the games. It seems that whenever a large natural event occurs, Erin is always the primary dispatcher. In the past few years, we have had two tornado touchdowns and one train derailment, all with Erin providing the primary dispatching assignments. During these times, Erin provided great leadership, direction and support to all those involved. This type of excellence under pressure is greatly appreciated and recognized by Emergent leadership. Erin’s unique sense of humor can lighten the day and remind everyone that it can always be worse. He says, “Remember, we can provide an enormous amount of good with each call we handle. We do make a difference.” Erin and his family live in a rural area where they enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.”

2014 | MI