Erin Lally

Acadian Ambulance Service
Bridge City, Texas

Erin Lally is Acadian’s Paramedic of the Year for Texas operations. Erin joined Acadian in 2008 and became a Paramedic in 2011. Also a Critical Care Paramedic, Erin provides a higher level of care and increases safety for critically ill and injured patients being transported from hospital to hospital. She also maintains an outstanding HSE performance record, creating a more positive work environment.

While she is an active volunteer for the Bridge City Fire Department, her long-term goal is to become a Flight Paramedic. In addition to being an outstanding clinician, Erin is a strong advocate for customer service.

Erin is invested in the success of Acadian in Texas and demonstrates this by her dedication to her patients and her involvement in her community. Erin says, “Acadian has helped me grow as a person and as a Paramedic. I love my patients, and I love my job.”

2016 | Acadian Ambulance Service | TX