Fidencio Hernandez

Emergency Medical Technician & Field Training Officer
American Medical Response
San Jose, CA

Fidencio Hernandez enjoys building relationships between AMR and his community by organizing local, healthcare-oriented workshops and events.

Throughout his EMS career, Fidencio has demonstrated a dedication to public health efforts through his outreach and engagement efforts. He has collaborated with the local Latino community by providing educational seminars including Stop the Bleed as well as events about public access to and use of the nasal spray Narcan. His efforts have led to the enhancement of local participation in the learning of critical lifesaving skills.

Fidencio has also brought important community health information to members of both English- and Spanish-speaking communities. He has accomplished this by providing bilingual education to ensure the greatest number of community members can benefit.

Additionally, in his role as Field Training Officer, his years of experience and endless positivity provide an excellent learning environment for new hires. He is called upon to impart his knowledge often to offset staffing shortages, preparing new EMTs for their vitally important role in the community.

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