Franchon Robinson

Dispatch Communications Supervisor
Jackson, MS

Franchon Robinson is being recognized for building and maintaining an extraordinary communications center. AMR’s Central Mississippi is the state’s busiest provider of ambulance services. As a result, everyone who supervises at that center must be sharp, quick on their feet, and fully knowledgeable about how the center works. Franchon fits that description to perfection.

In addition to being the “public face” of the communication center, Franchon ensures that her staff is efficient, effective, resourceful, and courteous with all customer groups with whom they interact. She has immeasurably contributed to managing mass casualty situations as well as short-term disasters. In such situations, she has had to quickly assemble additional crews and ambulances while engaging with on-scene incident commanders and hospitals, determining which hospitals can receive multiple patients in a short period of time.

In the last few years, Franchon’s communication center has worked hard to ensure that all field crews were immediately informed of the policy and procedural changes related to the pandemic. As a result, her operation has had a very high compliance rate.

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