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Garrett Whisenhunt

Garrett Whisenhunt

Paramedic & Field Training Officer

Metropolitan EMS
Little Rock, AR

Sergeant Garrett Whisenhunt, B.S., NREMT-P is in his fifth year in EMS at Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) in Little Rock, Arkansas. After two years of working as an EMT, Garrett was selected for the MEMS in-house Paramedic school. Here, he earned highest honors as the class Valedictorian while simultaneously attaining his Associates of Applied Science in Paramedicine. In his second year as a Paramedic, he distinguished himself from his peers through his contributions to the agency as well as his work outside of EMS.

From Paramedic school to the present, Garrett’s dedication to lifelong learning is second to none. He notes that being an effective Paramedic and driving excellent patient outcomes fuel his investment in his own education. He is similarly committed to the development of his 400+ coworkers and thousands of EMS colleagues across the state. His desire to increase knowledge and reduce self-doubt for himself and his EMS colleagues led to his formation of the “Journal Club” at MEMS. This initiative has led to multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and discussions resulting in new and revised protocols as well as an informative learning and training medium.

In addition to his role as a Paramedic and Field Training Officer, Garrett serves as a member of the MEMS Bike team, Safety Council, Recruitment Team,  and as an Adjunct Instructor for the MEMS’ Academy, as well as a Stop the Bleed and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor. Another innovation driven by Garrett is his redesign and redevelopment of the agency’s driving training program, both didactic and practical portions. Overseeing a collaborative effort between other FTOs, Instructors, and Supervisors, this new course resulted in a year-long safety campaign that was designed to recognize and incentivize safe practices.

Furthermore, Garrett is a leader in the agency for his interdepartmental efforts and relationships with the area police and fire departments. He and his partner are known for their close relationship with their fellow public service professionals. They often share credit for positive outcomes on-scene with our partners and co-responders.

Garrett has been married to Sara for seven years and they have an 11-month-old daughter, Jane, who is the joy of their life. They are members of the Hwy 65 Church of Christ where he serves in numerous roles singing, preaching, teaching, and hosting Bible study classes for local college-aged adults. Garrett’s hobbies include mountain biking, smoking meats, making coffee and espressos, and spending time with his two Scottish Terriers. He is a self-described yard nerd who strives to have the greenest lawn on the block.

MEMS is proud to recognize Garrett Whisenhunt as a 2023 Star of Life.