Hiram Sanchez

Emergency Medical Technician
American Medical Response
Napa, CA

Hiram Sanchez demonstrated extraordinary courage and skill during a routine call that turned out to be anything but, on a night in mid-December 2022.

While en route during a patient transfer, Hiram came upon a traffic collision involving three cars; no other emergency vehicles were on scene. Hiram quickly identified four patients, one who was unconscious and gasping for breath. Hiram then immediately grabbed the airway equipment bag and returned to provide patient ventilation.

San Mateo County communications were alerted, and additional resources were requested. Approximately two minutes later, Hiram returned to the ambulance to obtain the fire extinguisher because one of the victims was trapped in a car while the car adjacent was on fire. Hiram then positioned himself on the passenger side of the vehicle, closest to the fire, and used his body as a shield to protect the patient and a citizen who offered to help. The patient was quickly pulled from the car and away from danger.

Hiram’s management of this scene ensured the safety of the victims and bystanders and directly resulted in the patient being freed from the vehicle, likely saving their life. Hiram has also been nominated for a California EMSA EMS Medal of Valor for his heroic actions during this response.

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