Ian Carroll

Flight Nurse
Air Evac Lifeteam
Logan, WV

Ian Carroll is being honored for his bravery and skill in two separate situations—one involving a patient whose vehicle fell into a river and another involving a patient injured in a mining truck accident.

The first incident happened when Ian was off duty, sitting in his car at an intersection. That is when he saw another vehicle run through that same intersection and into the nearby river. Ian quickly left his car, jumped into the river, and pulled the driver out of the sinking vehicle and onto the shore. He then stabilized the patient as more help arrived.

In the other situation, Ian entered a crashed haul vehicle and administered blood products to an injured driver whose leg was bleeding profusely. While fire personnel worked to extricate the individual from the truck, Ian realized more blood was needed, so he called for another AEL aircraft to deliver additional supplies. That decision was a critical factor in helping save both the patient’s leg and life.

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