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Jack Asbury

Jack Asbury

Emergency Medical Technician

American Medical Response
Bushnell, FL

Jack Asbury III is the recipient of countless awards and recognitions for the many lives of cardiac arrest patients that he has saved, as well as for his superb patient care.

Jack’s kind and respectful demeanor ensures that he is well-liked by his co-workers, leaders, and members of his local Florida community.

Through his nonprofit, Masked Miracles, Jack visits and encourages ill, bullied, and hospice-bound children.

On one occasion, Jack traveled to Connecticut and partnered with one of AMR’s operations there, meeting with a child who had experienced a terrible situation that made the news. This was just another example of Jack’s commitment to caring for some of our nation’s youngest patients even after his formal EMS work is complete.

Jack is a shining example of a dedicated EMS professional who cares greatly about his patients and community.