Jack Rathgeber

Field Supervisor
Alamogordo, NM

Jack Rathgeber is dedicated to service, no matter where it takes him, even if it requires traveling by mule to treat a patient who suffered broken ribs and bones in a mountainous area. The situation happened while Jack was on duty as a supervisor and a call came in about a person in the mountains who had suffered trauma and was stuck in a ravine. Volunteers in the area had tried to help the patient but only made matters worse when one of them tripped and landed on the patient’s broken shoulder. Because the crew on staff was a Basic Life Support (BLS) crew, Jack joined the crew members and went to the mountains to find and help the patient. After trying to get a Search and Rescue team to assist, Jack spotted forest personnel riding a mule. Jack explained the situation to the forest worker who let Jack ride the mule as he searched for the patient.

Once he arrived at the patient’s location, Jack was able to give the patient pain medication and help the volunteers get the individual onto a backboard. Jack and the volunteers carried the patient out of the ravine, two miles back to the ambulance. He also made sure the patient was taken to the hospital for further treatment.


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2022 | American Medical Response (AMR) | NM