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Jacob Ambach

Jacob Ambach


American Medical Response
Spokane, WA

Jacob Ambach saved the lives of five patients who suffered cardiac arrests last year. If it were not for Jacob’s collaboration with the local teams that were at the scenes of those incidents, the patients likely would not have survived.

In addition, Jacob has assumed leadership over his local operation’s Special Pathogen Transport team, which works directly with the Region 10 Special Pathogen Treatment Center. The team serves as the primary transport crew for all the Special Pathogens patients coming into the region. This includes helping care for the first COVID-19 patients diagnosed in the State of Washington.

A resolute EMS professional, Jacob believes many of the issues faced by the communities he serves can be solved through education and good communication. He is living proof of this principle given the obstacles he has overcome in his own life, including learning disabilities.

In every challenge he faces, Jacob remains steadfast, never allowing his setbacks to slow him down from becoming a trustworthy and accomplished Paramedic.