Jacquelynn Martin

Training Supervisor
American Medical Response
Wildwood, FL

Jacquelynn Martin is a highly-skilled Emergency Medical and Fire Service Telecommunicator with decades of experience. She loves her work and shows great compassion for colleagues and callers.

As a Supervisor overseeing all training and quality assurance and improvement activities in her communications center, Jacki impacts virtually every medical and fire call into Sumter County’s 911 system. Jacki ensures that all new members of her team receive comprehensive but individualized instruction.

Jacki’s kindness is as legendary as her training proficiency. When she learned that a new team member could not provide Christmas presents for her children, Jacki quietly collected money, shopped for gifts, and ensured that they were delivered. When a high school student observing in the communications center said she could not afford a prom dress, Jacki and her colleagues rallied to provide a dress and cover other costs for the young lady’s prom.


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