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Jason Nugent

Jason Nugent


Puckett EMS
Chattanooga, TN

Jason Nugent has been a paramedic at Puckett EMS for almost 12 years and a supervisor for ten of those years. He worked as a Chattanooga medic before becoming ideally suited for the field supervisor position.

Jason was born and raised in Marion County, Tennessee. He has served as part of Kimball Fire & Rescue. He is active in his community and is a frequent attendee at Marion County Commission meetings. Marion County Mayor David Jackson has said he views Jason as the liaison between Marion County Commissioners and Puckett EMS.

Jason is well-known and well-liked in his community and within our Puckett EMS community. Any time there is a catastrophic event, Jason is on scene to assist—even when it means coming in on his day off from work.

Jason is fortunate that his wife is a long-term dispatcher for Marion County, so she is understanding of the business and Jason’s connection to the community.