Jeff Neve

Emergency Medical Technician
Mayo Clinic Ambulance
Rochester, MN

Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service is proud to name Jeff Neve, Emergency Medical Technician, as a 2019 Star of Life. Jeff began working for Gold Cross Ambulance (now Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service) in Albert Lea, Minnesota, 19 years ago. As a lead Emergency Medical Technician, Jeff intermittently serves as the point of contact for several other Minnesota cities and facilitates staffing changes, transfers, and crew movement as needed.

Jeff’s colleagues describe him as a team player who is always willing to get involved and who leads by example. He fosters teamwork by stepping up and finding creative solutions for patient transport requests when the system is stressed and transport options are limited. He provides guidance for teammates when unique situations and challenges present, and he consistently works in a collaborative manner — not only within Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service, but also with referring agencies. Jeff’s supervisor remarks that he “welcomes new team members by showing kindness, and helping them learn geographic areas and their role in emergency medical services. He is quiet and calm in chaotic situations, which supports both responders on the scene, and patients.”

“What I like most about my job is helping people,” says Jeff. “Lots of times, patients are experiencing the worst thing they have ever been through, and it is nice to comfort them and get them through that difficult time.”

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys spending time with his family and attending his daughter’s volleyball and softball games. He also hosts an Austrian foreign exchange student, and enjoys going to his basketball games.

Of his job as an Emergency Medical Technician, Jeff says, “After 19 years, I still enjoy going to work, and look forward to it.”


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