Jesse Godin

Dispatch Supervisor - EMT
Cataldo Ambulance Service
Somerville, MA

Many nominees are recognized for a specific remarkable rescue or event that tests their courage and or professional skills in the field of EMS. The achievement of such recognition in many instances would not be possible without the support of those who work on their team throughout the year performing in many roles of EMS. Jesse is an example of one of those team members, who report for work every day in the organization supporting field personnel who are deserving of such recognition during a specific heroic event. His leadership as a supervisor in communications plays a significant role ensuring that field personnel have the information and resources necessary for a safe response and effective on scene delivery of quality patient care. Of particular note are the contributions and initiatives that are unseen by the public and so important for the success of the company overall with supervision of telecommunicators, EMD, EMDQ, reporting and daily support of the billing office that drives the economic engine of the company. Jesse is a father and husband with core family values. His primary personal interest is with his family. Jesse is a professional fireworks technician and in fact played a role in the 2013 July 4th fireworks display in Boston. He could be considered a jack of all trades with a technical expertise. Jesse is always goal focused and enthusiastic with an intense interest in solving problems. His intense interest often inspires others to perform better both at work and at home. He has made Cataldo Ambulance Service his home since March of 2008. Jesse is the senior supervisor of the Boston Communications Division. A train the trainer for the 911 Sentinel Patriot system, CTO, EMD, EMDQ, Rescue Net data reporting and ePCR billing compliance team. Supervisor Jesse Godin is an exemplary member of the Cataldo team. His recognition is not based on a single specific event. Recognition for his nomination is much more difficult to achieve. It requires contributions and initiatives that support the team overall every day on every shift from the field to dispatch and the overall economic health of the organization. Significant responsibility in the daily operation of the Boston Communications Division, Jesse supervises and assists team members as needed during shifts with technical work in receiving and dispatching emergency calls. He assists with management duties and requests in a wide variety of ways from special projects to on-going day to day reporting and problem solving. It’s important for him to know that the telecommunicators in dispatch are professional, knowledgeable and focused on customer service. This assurance comes from his participation as a CTO and assisting the Training Administrator with the initial 911 equipment training and certification of staff or as a CTO. Quality patient care through EMD is a priority for as well and is a member of the EMDQ quality assurance team. Well known to the compliance and billing office resolving ePCR complications and assisting with completion of calls assuring that revenue flow is available for the tools and equipment that are required in the delivery of quality patient care that the Cataldo organization is known for. In closing I would like to say that Jesse is a great example of someone who has earned the Star of Life through hard work and dedication to his EMS organization from the front end delivery of patient care to the back end behind the scenes.”

2014 | Cataldo Ambulance Service | MA