John Conroy

John Conroy is the North Shore LIJ Health System Center for EMS Manhattan Division selection for The AAA Star of Life Award. He is worthy for this distinction not because of a single act, but a body of work that includes countless pre-hospital saves, rescues from the WTC bombing and tireless work at the WTC after the attacks of September 11th, 2001, in addition to numerous professional awards and distinctions. John began his career in EMS in 1982 as a volunteer for AstoriaVolunteer Ambulance after being dragged there by friend, but he instantly fell in love with the job. He became an EMT shortly thereafter. John began work with NYC EMS covering the neighborhoods of the South Bronx and Washington in 1985. His decorated career in NYC EMS includes receiving the Medal of Honor. In 1989 John began his career with Lenox Hill Hospital, then not yet a member of the North Shore LIJ Health System, where he carried on his commitment to excellence. John transported victims from the 1993 WTC Bombing and returned to assist in setting up a causality collection point on the 44th floor. For his actions that day he was awarded the Medal of Excellence. John was also there that fateful day in 2001, arriving just as the second building collapsed. In the wake of the attacks, John formed and still chairs the Carlos Lillo Memorial Paramedic Scholarship Fund in honor of his fallen colleague and friend. In 2005 John received the NYC Mayoral Award of Excellence for a cardiac arrest save of a prominent new figure. The professional accolades and distinctions John has received over the years also include the Life Saver Medal,Vice Presidential Unit Citation, Award of Merit, Medical Directors Award, Medal of Accomplishment, and numerous Pre-Hospital Save Awards. There is no question to John’s professional career being an outstanding one. In addition to all his professional accolades, John is a professional bowler who won the 2013 East Region PBA50 Bowler of the year. It is for all these reasons that John was the natural choice for The Star of Life award. His unwavering professionalism throughout the years is second to none.”

2014 | NY