Joseph Thompson

Lieutenant/Shift Officer/EMR
Rescue Inc.
Brattleboro, VT

Lieutenant Joseph (Joe) Thompson has been a devoted member of Rescue Inc since 1982. Joe began his career as a volunteer EMT covering the overnight shifts. Since that time, his role at Rescue has transformed into a full-time leadership position. He currently wears many hats within the organization – from Frontline Shift Supervisor to building maintenance, to Emergency Medical Responder to CEVO driver instructor. Joe is the “go-to” guy and has an answer for everything.

Not only does Joe always have an answer, but he always shows up – day or night. When you need Joe, he is there. There is not another individual more dedicated to the agency than Joe. In fact, he has his own internal radio system, named the “Joedio,” because he is always there and always listening.

Joe says he loves working at Rescue because, “every day is a new and exciting challenge that keeps me on my toes and thinking. It’s a wonderful place, otherwise I wouldn’t have been here for forty years.” Despite already wearing many hats, Joe is constantly being thrown into different roles. One minute he is conducting an on-road drivers test for a new employee, and the next he is driving a critical care transfer, and, as soon as he returns, he is doing a car seat check and then restocking all the supplies. He takes these new challenges and obstacles with stride and continues to hum his way through the day with a positive attitude and a smile on his face.

When Joe is not at Rescue (which is not often), he enjoys mowing lawns, going fishing, and spending time with his grandson. In addition, Joe volunteers his time at the local ski hill as a patroller. He loves to keep busy and to be in the community giving back in every aspect of his life.

Joe has truly made a positive impact on Rescue Inc, and we are honored to recognize Joe Thompson as a 2022 Star of Life Award nominee.

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