Joshua Morgan

Southern Oklahoma Ambulance is proud to present Josh Morgan as an outstanding star in EMS. Josh is a dedicated healthcare professional with a career spanning more than 18 years. He began his journey as an EMT at AMR in 2005, subsequently expanding his skills and knowledge across several services statewide. Achieving his Paramedic certification in 2010 marked a key milestone in his career, bolstered further when he became a certified Flight Paramedic for Air Evac Life Team.

Outside of his primary profession, Josh spent more than 12 years as a volunteer firefighter at Corum and Meridian Volunteer Fire Departments, showcasing his unwavering commitment to serving his community. His passion for helping others extends beyond the physical realm of healthcare as he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in medical health counseling, with a specific focus on trauma.

His goal is to provide invaluable peer support to EMS agencies, with an ardent desire to help his colleagues avoid developing PTSD and burnout. As a devoted husband to his wonderful wife Allison for 29 years and a proud father to Lilyan, Wyatt, and Jenson, Josh is a true family man.

Joshua Morgan represents the state of Oklahoma as a 2023 Oklahoma Ambulance Association Star of Life.

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