Kari Spanarella

Firefighter / Paramedic
Rural Metro Fire
Tucson, Arizona

Kari has worked for the Rural Metro Fire Department for thirteen years, and has been a mentor and instructor for many new and transitional fire academies and classes. She is a 1403 Live Burn instructor and holds many EMS instructor certificates, including CPR, ACLS, PALS, EMT, PHTLS and AMLS. She is currently going through the Regional Technical Rescue Academy.

Kari has taken her foundation and support from her family, along with her love and respect for her brothers and sisters in the field, all of whom continue to mentor and mold her. Her dedication to EMS is shown by her optimistic views on every call she runs. She is constantly training and educating herself, and is always compassionate and smiling with a positive outlook that ensures that everyone she encounters is validated.

Kari’s greatest joy is raising her eight children with her soul mate.

2016 | AZ | Rural Metro

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