Karina Galvez-Martinez

North Las Vegas, NV

For Karina Galvez-Martinez’s North Las Vegas supervisors, she truly embodies the EMS mission of providing care to the world at a moment’s notice. Karina, who began her career as an EMT, is now a Paramedic. Her ever-increasing skills have prepared her to intervene in medical situations even while off duty.

Such was the case earlier this year when Karina was at home at about 4:30 a.m. That is when her neighbor’s husband knocked on her door for medical assistance. Karina rushed over to the house and found the neighbor’s wife not breathing and incapacitated. Finding the patient pulseless, Karina immediately started manual chest compressions, taking critical actions as the first link in the chain of patient survival.

She continued her vigorous efforts while 911 was called. Responding AMR teams were able to take over and the patient’s pulse was restored before arrival at the local hospital. There is no doubt that Karina’s actions saved her neighbor’s life.

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